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Selling your home is especially important in todays market, with so many changes with loan programs, interest rates, credit criteria, pricing structure, and many other attributes that can be the determining factor of whether your home will sell or not. will put your home in an excellent position to be sold as quickly as possible.
As the Seller, you are searching for one thing in order to accomplish your goal of selling your home; "Buyers".


Take A Look Around: is geared towards attracting Buyers; we do not hunt Sellers in order to accumulate "Listings", we market and advertise directly to the "Buyers" who are the very ones who purchase the listings. This strategy creates an immediate advantage for you as the Seller when you decide to list your home with us.  Any Agent can "list" your home, We intend to get your home "Sold".


One of the major tasks of selling your home will ultimately be visibility; Buyers will only be able to buy what they can find, search, and download through today's ever changing technology.  This frankly means you have to be where they are which primarily is the internet; an on-line presence is an absolute must and utilizing several forms of syndication both on and off line will be very beneficial to selling your home.


Realistically, there is no such thing as a "set it and forget it" approach to getting your home sold; the market is ever changing and therefore you have to be stategically ever changing as well in order to successfully get your home sold by simply supplying what the Buyer wants, needs, and desires.


 Limited Service Listing Agreement


Sellers and Investors who would like to sell their home at a fraction of the average costs may choose to take advantage of our Limited Service Agreement.We can help You eliminate certain commission rates, selling costs, and additional fees that may enable you to be more profitable and eliminate you from coming out of pocket to sell your home.


The Limited Service Listing Agreement is especially useful when there is not enough equity in the home to support the normal and/or customary compensation structure and may also in certain circumstances eliminate the need for a Short-Sale by charging you one flat fee versus a percentage of the selling price.  This program may assist you with saving thousands!


Contact Us & Learn About Our Flat Fee Listing Program For Sellers!



Due to the current market condition in regards to value, many homeowners have opted to Short-Sale their homes by selling the home for a price that is less than what they currently owe the bank/lender.


This is a viable option whether you are current and up-to-date with all of your payments, behind on your payments, and/or if you are in the process of foreclosure.


We are able to assist you with getting your home listed and have both Attorneys and Title Companies that will assist you with the process from the beginning to the end.  This enables you to work with Licensed Professionals who will assist you with your Short-Sale.


In addition, due to the fact the Short-Sale requires the Bank/Lender to accept less money than what is owed, you are actually receiving these services free of charge in many circumstances.  However you will want to be well informed about deficiency judgments in regards to the Short-Sale Option.


Contact Us Today to discuss your current situation to Find Out if a Short-Sale is the best option for you.


An excellent option for Sellers who may want to sell but the current market value will not bring the specific amount of return you are expecting to receive at this time.


The Lease-Option is also a great tool that creates a Win/Win Situation that may be a great alternative for those who may not feel comfotable or feel the need to do a Short-Sale.


A Lease-Option and Rent-To-Own provides the ability to Buyers who may not be able to obtain average financing due to Credit Challenges, Debt-To-Income, Lack of Credit, and/or Income restraints that do not meet the necessary requirements to obtain funding.


This enables you to sell your home for a pre-determined price with monthly payments and to collect an up front Option-Payment and/or Deposit which in most cases is non-refundable depending on the contract terms.


Contact us and Find Out How You Can Have Buyers Paying You Non-Refundable Option Payments For $5k, 10k, 20k, and more with our Lease-Option and/or Rent-To-Own Programs that are available to assist you with getting your home sold in today's market.


A CMA is utilized by Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Professionals to determine the current market value for homes in a specific area.


A CMA is NOT an Appraisal but much like an appraisal, the CMA assists you with pertinent and valuable information that you will need to conclude the market value and pricing in your particular area of interest.


If you decide to list your home for sale with us this serviice is absolutely FREE and we will provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information provided on the MLS in reference to your remote area to find out the best price you will want to list at so you can get your home sold.


Listing your home is Easy; Selling your home is what ultimately matters the most, so be sure that you are priced correctly and competitively by utilizing the CMA.


Appraisals may cost you on average of $300 and higher; we may be able to provide you with a CMA FREE of charge depending on how complex you decide you want your CMA Search to be.


Contact us for more details.